Play is essential

Play is essential
Photo by Michał Bożek / Unsplash

Play is essential to your ambitions, even if you feel overwhelmed and overworked.

And it has created better work-life balance even for leaders and C-suite executives.

You may have heard about the concept of your left brain (logic and analytical) and right brain (creativity). Have you considered how they both could effectively be leveraged to work together?

Many tools exist, here are some of my favorites:

✅ Julia Cameron wrote an excellent book called The Artist Way, where she claims "there's no such thing as a non-creative person" and promotes the practice of morning pages to essentially vomit the thoughts from the left brain so that it creates room for the right brain to open up. This process helps bring out some of the most inspiring ideas.

Diana Stelin states that art heals, and has hosted successful corporate workshops where people bring their inner child out to play. Her SPARK framework is effective and has created incredible outcomes for participants. You can watch her TEDx talk here:

Coach Cheri, ACC, ELI-MP is a wonderful mentor and coach, and has helped me realize how play therapy is a powerful tool. By transforming my relationship of needs to wants, I'm able to be creative and enjoy the process.

I'd invite you to take a moment to reminiscence would you enjoyed doing as a kid, what put you through flow, and revisit those roots. Then, begin writing about it.

You never need permission to start.

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